Com-Tech Sanyo PLC-XU355


Com-Tech Sanyo PLC-XU355

Sanyo’s PLC-XU355 is a mid-sized projector with a business/education focus. As such, looks aren’t its strong suit, and this all-white box won’t win any favors with anyone who wants smooth corners or color choices. It’s a functional projector with stiff but not sticky zoom and focus controls built into the lens and a mirror of the main remote control functions on the top of the projector itself.


The PLC-XU355 is an XGA (1024×768) capable projector with a claimed brightness rating of 3500 ANSI Lumens and a relatively low contrast ratio of 500:1. It’s a 4:3 standard-definition projector, in other words. Connectivity out the back comes in the form of composite video, S-Video, D-Sub, and DVI inputs, as well as RCA stereo to feed the PLC-XU355’s 7-Watt speakers.

The PLC-XU355 is network capable, either via a tethered Ethernet cable, or via wireless, which is one of the unit’s key selling points. A small USB stick is provided with the PLC-XU355. When plugged into a PC or Mac, it’ll allow for wireless mirroring of that system’s display via an application supplied on the stick.

Package Includes:

1 x Sanyo PLC-XU355